Frost-hardy lavender (not as tough as Hardy Lavender (-15°C)

These are best planted in spring and early summer.

These are some of the most spectacular lavenders. The flowers all have ‘ears’ on top. These ‘ears’ are apical or sterile bracts and so have no flowers at their base, unlike the rest of the flower head. The flowers have a gentle, sweet honeyed scent that is easily masked by the very pungent camphoraceous foliage.

Thanks to milder winters in the UK these lavenders are more widely grown. Tolerant of -5°C and below for a few successive days. Very sharp drainage is crucial for survival through wet and snowy winters. Crisp dry winters are much better. Deadhead through the season for almost continuous flowering from May to September. Plant as specimens or in small groups rather than large swathes.

The foliage of viridis adds a zing to cold desserts. The flowers of all are sweet to the taste and the ‘ears’ decorative and edible on salads and cold desserts.

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