x chaytorae

Hardy Lavender – x chaytorae (Velvet Lavender)

A hybrid of angustifolia and lanata (Woolly Lavender). The name x chaytorae is derived from Dorothy Chaytor who wrote a monograph on lavender in 1937. Hardy to about -10°C they are not quite as tough as the angustifolia and x intermedia lavenders due to the woolly foliage inherited from lanata, but these soft silver lovelies are so very attractive and richly scented.

Their soft, silvery-grey foliage provides a marvellous contrast with the sweet yet sharp scented purple flowers which appear from late June to late July. They also complement the greener foliaged angustifolia cultivars.

Use sparingly as a culinary herb. In that capacity it’s best to use them in cooked food. This acts to temper the more lively flavour!
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