Tender Lavender

These are best planted in spring and early summer.

These are from a group of lavenders known as Pterostoechas and include some of the most delicate lavenders. Their spectacular flowers can be enjoyed all year round if grown in pots and moved in for the winter. They make a delightful display outside from May to October, but need to be brought in before the first frosts and kept warm at around 5°C. Alternatively treat them as annuals.

All have unscented spiralling trident flower heads on each long flower stalk. Most have unusually scented, lacy (pinnate) foliage and a spreading, but upright habit. Deadhead regularly to keep the blooms coming. Saving seed is a good policy. If planted close to each other the seedling can be of mixed parentage. The hybrids are sterile.

We offer two species and two hybrids.
Use the flowers as edible decoration on salads and desserts.

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