We have recently decided to continue to open for weekends only from 10am-5pm until the end of August.

Lavender and Rosemary Plant Selector

Welcome to Downderry Nursery.

The UK’s benchmark lavender nursery.

We’re open at weekends 10am-5pm until the end of August. This decision was made after the article in the July issue of The Garden had gone to print!

All our lavender and rosemary cultivars are propagated from cuttings on the nursery using our own stock plants.

This means we can guarantee they are true to type.

All our lavender plants and rosemary plants are grown to culinary herb standards.

Welcome to our web site where you can shop online for culinary grade lavender plants and rosemary plants and lavender gifts. We grow and stock a superb range of lavender plants and rosemary plants selected from our vast collection for their culinary, medicinal and decorative use, which is complemented with a great range of goodies. Treat yourself, loved ones or friends to plants, gifts or a voucher. We hope you‘ll agree that this is the definitive guide to buying these wonderful plants for their flowers, their flavour and the wildlife they attract. If after browsing you‘re still unsure which lavenders or rosemaries are best for your purpose, contact us, we‘d be happy to help. We‘ve many other lavenders and rosemaries on the nursery, including some specimens in larger pots. So visit us online or at our nursery in Kent….and one of the many local pubs for a splendid meal!

Downderry, a very special specialist Nursery

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