Online orders are operating as normal, but we will remain closed to visitors this season.

Lavender and Rosemary Plant Selector


I know this is a bit wordy, but it’s worth a read through!

We’ve been completely inundated with orders so far this year and most of our autumn potted plants are sold out.

Everything we grow is produced in house from our own stock plants. We never buy in material in any form e.g. unrooted cuttings, plugs, potted plants.

When a variety shows ‘Out of Stock‘ it means we’ve run short on saleable sized plants, but we’re propagating and potting all the time to try to keep up with demand. When plants are available once again they will show as ‘In Stock‘ with an estimated dispatch time.

When a variety shows ‘Out of Stock‘ and also in the text ‘Currently unavailable‘ it means we’ve completely run out until further notice.

In an attempt to manage expectations we’re controlling stock availability and dispatch time. This means we only release a number of plants for sale online at a time for a given expected dispatch time e.g. Late May. This also helps to level out the logistical process of order fulfilment e.g. selecting, packing and mailing.

If you’ve already placed an order, the website would have shown the following expected/estimated dispatch times:

10th Feb to 23rd Feb a.m. the expected dispatch time was listed as Spring.

23rd Feb p.m. to 6th March a.m. the expected dispatch time was listed as Late April.

6th March p.m. to 19th March a.m. the expected dispatch time was listed as Mid-May.

19th March a.m. to 16th April 5pm the expected dispatch time was listed as Late May.

16th April 5pm to current the estimated dispatch time is listed as Early June.

If more plants of one variety are ordered than there are plants to fulfil the order then the order cannot be placed. For instance, if we’ve made 200 Hidcote lavender available to order online and 220 are ordered by a customer then the order will not progress past the barrow on the website. Either the quantity ordered would need to be reduced or the customer would need to wait for more Hidcote to be made available. An assessment of when plants will become available for sale is made weekly and any changes uploaded to the website.

In a further attempt to manage expectations we are currently not taking orders by phone or email. There may also be a delay in responding to general enquiries.

Thank you for your patience.

Simon Charlesworth, Director